New Beginnings, New Challenges – Day Class Batch 7 Capstone Project 1

The first batch of students for the day class in TUITT’s new GEMPC classroom just recently completed their first capstone project. The project aims to test out the skills of these aspiring developers for front-end development. It would require time and effort from the students to develop a webpage that reflects their passion and showcase their skills as well.


The requirements and specifications made by the instructors would serve as a baseline for the skillset they need to have developed during this part of the course. The students’ projects would be rated based on the following:

Content – the clarity of message and purpose, as well as the organization of ideas and flow of content

Design – is how intuitive the user interface and how smooth the user experience would be.

Source code organization – ensuring source code is readable, with proper documentation and comments, as well as organization of files for the website

Responsive Web Design – the website should be responsive to the different screen sizes and orientations

And without further ado, here are the capstone projects!


Inventions Inc.

A site that deals with creating inventions based on ideas and designs of other people. – Carlo


NINETIES is a 6-page nostalgia-inducing gallery which showcases music, films, TV shows, fashion, and various designs from the ‘90s era. The website delivers its visuals through a Parallax Scrolling effect. – Jango


The DeBauchery website allows customers to browse through the shop’s various meats and other products. It’s inspired by a classic design which, due to its timeless feel, supposedly doesn’t go out of style. Potential customers or regular patrons alike could explore and read about descriptions of each kind of meat as well as get an overall feel of the whole shop and its guarantees. – Louie

Galna Bakery

Galna Bakery is modern bakery website that you can enjoy browsing. The website has a friendly navigator above and you can enjoy the design of the website while scrolling. – Kristal

The Book Café

Book Cafe is a place where book lovers can have a cup of coffee while reading a book. – Angela

FR Smart Home

A specialized store for incorporating programming into residential homes. – Ramir

All Time Low


A  self-made fan site for the band “All Time Low”  – Ira


A site for movie fanatics to check out latest and upcoming movies of the year. – KV


A website for a hypothetical enterprise that offers travel to Paris or language lessons to Students –


A clean and consumer-friendly website for ISPs. – Lance

Osushi Handbook

Osushi Handbook is a website for people who do not know Japanese authentic “Sushi”. The webpage visitors will be able to get interested in Sushi. Also this website encourages them to try it in Japan. – Nanaho

League Fire

League Fire is a website designed to increase your game knowledge and give you more information about League of Legends. – Rodney

Review Spot

Review Spot is a website designed to help viewers to know if a movie or a show is good to watch. – Jessica

Reets Treats

Reet’s Treats Food and lifestyle blog. Contains dessert recipes and DIY home improvement. – Rita

The Legends

The Legends is a fictional band that was created with the discussion among me and my musician friends as to who they will have as members in their dream superband, with aspects such as chemistry, individual talents, musical styles, etc all considered. I came up with Dave Grohl, Jimi Hendrix, Flea and Chris Cornell. The website is clean, bold, and upfront– pretty much the music that these four would have created. – Chino


You just discovered Nys! Discover and experience nice things together with me in this world and learn to appreciate God’s gifts to us. Anyone looking for new inspirations through visual stimulation can check this site and hopefully enjoy browsing the photos. – Nyssa


Cavite’s proximity from Metro Manila makes it a favorite weekend destination among travelers as well as for those who are looking for a quick getaway from Manila. Enjoy some of them through Caviterrific! – Andrew


Sandbox is a website for a [non-existent] learning center, The Sandbox, offering IT-related and fun workshops for kids and teens. The Sandbox is every children’s playground to start learning web development (in a fun and enjoyable way) as early as 6 years of age. As the saying goes, “Start ‘em young…”. – Earl


Enroll now at the Knox International Technological Institute – Patrick

Yes Davao!

Your ultimate travel guide to Davao. Flights, hotels, tour packages and a whole lot more. – Dec

ManilART | Curating the City

MANILArt is an arts and humanities website which aims to promote the history and culture of Manila. Let’s make museums great again! – Jim


A digital travel magazine focused on simplifying the way we discover and experience new places, starting first with Japan. – Miguel

Surprise Travel

Surprise Travel is an innovative way of travelling without you having to worry about planning for it. – Justine


An online shoe retail website; buy the left shoe, get the right one free! – Russel

The Ridleys

A website that promotes the band “The Ridleys”. Come and enjoy some tunes from our band. – Jan



Information about the youth organization DeMolay – Enzo


A travel blog cataloging adventures, and some guides on how to make travels cheaper with booking flights. – Nell

tl;dr gameRules

Interactive summary for board game rules – Richard`


Company website for car dealership training – Gibo


This is a simulated website for the company of Bagaholic and Manila Watch Emporium. – Ian

Creative Nav

Website where you can buy a customized logo and website for your business. – Cian

Crested Resort

It’s the website of our resort, Crested Resort. Check it out! Book and enjoy the beauty of Laiya, San Juan, Batangas. – Val


The current batch of students has created wonderful projects that are able to set the bar for front-end development even higher. The instructors are proud of what the students have produced and have seen huge improvements on their skill sets. The students should be proud of their own work and of the effort they’ve given to create these projects.

Living Up With The Expectations: Batch 6 Day Class Capstone Project 2


The Tuitt Coding Bootcamp batch six (6) of day class is now done codecrafting their second capstone projects. These set of projects shows the time and effort that the campers invested to produce such quality of results. It was really not an easy challenge to develop an e-commerce application given a time constraint of two (2) weeks and doing the core features end-to-end — from front-end to back-end — of the development cycle but the campers were able to deliver.

Project Requirements and Specifications


For the capstone project two, the campers were required to create the following prior to the development phase of the web application:

  • Documentation of discovery and ideation
  • An ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) of the database design
  • Sketches and mock-ups of core product features

Core Requirements

The capstone project two (2) of this current batch must have the following core product features:

  • Authentication and authorization
  • Registration
  • Landing page
  • Catalog page of items
  • Profile page of user
  • Admin control panel
  • Database connection to MySQL
  • CRUD for items
  • CRUD for users
  • Checkout
  • Order Verification
  • Items Sorting
  • Items Cart
  • Project Documentation
  • Order and Transaction History

The percentage of the total rating is comprised of twenty-percent (20%) from the front-end development and eighty-percent (80%) from back-end development.

Capstone Projects


BFPC, Created by Rommel

BFPC is a cooperative that is composed of farmers. They are dealers of different agricultural products needed by the farmers. This eCommerce website was built to sell the products of cooperative online.”

— Rommel

Crown Hotel

Crown Hotel, Created by Kris

“Crown Hotel is a five star hotel that gives you quality and the perfect scenic view of the city while giving you a hassle free reservation thru our online reservation with SMS notification and email verification.”

— Kris


BagPack, Created by Patrick

A backpack eCommerce site that offers a variety of bags from popular brands. A BagPack for your every need.

— Patrick

Ready Jetset Go

Ready Jetset Go, Created by Teeds

Ready Jetset Go! We are making sure that booking your getaway is ready and hassle free. Everything is set, so you can simply mix and match the best travel package for you.”

— Teeds

RLC Shop

RLC Shop, Created by Astro

RLC Shop: For all your Resistor, Inductor and Capacitor electronic component needs. Let’s circu-it!”

— Astro


Calzolaio, Created by Paulo

Calzolaio is a small business that sells bespoke shoes for the modern gentleman. The website provides prospective clients easy access to various shoe designs and gives them the ability to track their purchases.”

— Paulo

Time Station

Time Station, Created by Don

An eCommerce website that provides high-quality premium watches ranging from casual, smart and luxury.”

— Dro


LNSHOP, Created by JC

One of my hobbies is reading Light Novels. This e-Commerce website is built due to this aforementioned hobby.”

— JC


MLJM Shop, Created by Mark

“An eCommerce website that offers different kinds of designer brands for men and women.”

— Mark


Pinoyware, Created by Dro

“One stop shop for all your PC gaming needs. We sell high end gaming desktops, laptops, and accessories.”

— Dro

Simple Reading

Simple Reading, Created by Chester

“The website is made and is inspired by the favorite books I have read. Simplereading lets you check on the books made by the authors.”

— Chester

Manila Outdoors

Manila Outdoors, Created by John Ray

An outdoor eCommerce website that sells high quality hiking and outdoor gears from top brands.”

— John Ray

The Good Life Crew

The Good Life Crew, Created by Raniel

“The Good Life Crew Manila is a streetwear clothing line established in 2015. This e-Commerce website was built to provide a much faster transaction and to let the users have a visibility on the variety of streetwear that the TGLC has to offer.”

— Raniel

Android Shop

Android Shop, Created by Kevin Jordan

“This eCommerce website is made/built for those people who loves or looking for android powered devices.”

— Kevin Jordan


Auto.PH, Created by Kevin

“Shop or sell your car at A website concept for car buyers and sellers with Their Search made easy.”

— Kevin

Comex Online

Comex Online, Created by Arjo

Comex Online is made for comics enthusiasts and those that are yet starting their journey in the Superhero Universe. This gives them early access to new releases and they can even  select from digital to printed copies for purchases.”

— Arjo


Fantastika, Created by Lovely

“This website was built to sell women clothing online. It also provides different categories that customer can choose from.”

— Lovely


Phonemoto, Created by Ricky

“Phonemoto is an e-commerce website that offers the latest smartphones from all the major brands and provides an easy to use sorting feature that lists smartphones that best match the customer’s preferences.”

— Ricky


Tanglaw, Created by Emil

“Tanglaw is a website that sells variety of household lights.”

— Emil


Boxed Up, Created by Jen

“BoxedUp is a methodical web application intended to deliver the cost-effective way of showcasing the customer’s personal brand through customized packaging; coming from draft to purchase to pick up.”

— Jen

Bluefire Gaming

Bluefire Gaming, Created by Dennis

“BlueFire Gaming is a website made for the sole purpose of delivering the most powerful hardware and accessories to dedicated PC gamers. Dealing in high-end computers, the website is designed to convey its goal and purpose through futuristic visuals and styling.”

— Dennis

Design Fusion

Design Fusion, Created by Pen

“DesignFusion is a simple Furniture Website that offers high quality and eco-friendly furnitures. And also I create this website in order to help my Auntie’s furniture shop which is also called DesignFusion.”

— Pen


Another set of awesome capstone two (2) projects from this amazing bunch of people were created but they are not done yet. Laravel is another learning wall that they need to learn and overcome to build another set of capstone three (3) projects for their respective web developer portfolios.

Having the creativity and confidence in their pockets to be able to codecraft those projects can be considered an accomplishment already, but not for these batch. These guys kept on pushing the boundaries of the coding bootcamp to create these cool software products by utilizing open source and web technologies that is beyond the coverage of the bootcamp’s curriculum.

One more project to be created and then we are done. Good job guys!

All Kinds of Minds | Batch 4 Night Class Capstone 1 Project

When more than 30 individuals with different backgrounds come together for something they love, you have to expect something good.


What does a former Oil Rig Engineer, a Vlogger and  a WordPress developer have in common? Coding. They all share the same passion in learning and enhancing their skills in it. They are also 3 out of the more than 30 boot campers that make up B4NC (Batch 4 – Night Class). Here are the first capstone projects of B4NC. Enjoy!


Top 3
*in no particular order


by NJ Ramos

Coffee shop





Solidbrown Productions

by Edjay Rustria

Wedding Photography Services – Wedding Portfolio In One  // A portfolio website for a team of wedding photographers – Solidbrown Productions.






by James Alzona

Feature website for Luxury Watch.



Special Awards

Best Landing Page

Unofficial Mario

by Jeffrey Adawag

Mario showcase website






by Lean Jerios

Corporate Schedule and Metrics Manager 






Roar Audio

by Aly Del Valle

A corporate website for a local audio production company




by Boy San Luis

Photography services




by Maria Riza Espedillon

Japanese travel guide website 



R Learn

by Reah Supnet

Educational website for children, parents and educators

by Ivan Roman

Multimedia Production Booking & Training Hub 




by Ben Cavas

A powerlifting site that offers instructional articles & online coaching for aspiring lifters  



K|off Accounting Software

by Paul John Baron

Cloud-based Accounting software for SME’s




by Zyrus Cueto

Real Estate Management  



Exploring SW Hokkaido “The North of Japan Remembers”

by Rosemarie Precious Paguirigan

Travel Blog Site  




by Rommel Petilo

Online Game Reviews website 




by Joma Ronquillo

E-Learning Website for Pinoy Board Takers  



Nihonggo Basics

by Blessie Javier

Japanese language basics  



TrainingHub PH

by Jem Bas

Leadership Training Provider 



The Giant Roof Foundation

by Xonja Ramos

An alumni-based organization of Marcelo H. Del Pilar National High School 



El Dorado’s BarberShop

by Lenard Dorado

Website for a Barbershop 




by Raymund Salvador

A website designed to finding  partners for man’s best friend. 




by Ange Santiago

Movie streaming 



How Great Thou Art!

by Sam Magggay

Online platform for Artists’ / Painters’ collaboration and artwork sharing



Type It

by Michelle Bobosa

Online publication of own stories



2017 year in review

by Raul Suria Jr.

Travel Blog




by Siege Teodosio

Speedcubing blog/specialty store 



Philippine Getaways

by Rex Luangco

Philippine Travel Website 




by Vheil Ugto

Ride Sharing / Carpooling / Car Rental



Stranger Strings

by Bam Matibag

A strange music/instrument shop 



Interspect Training Services

by Chrissa Ibiernas

Training, Coaching, Counseling and Review Center




by Marian Raymundo

Small Business Web Design Solution



Elijah Marie Catering Services

by Mark Ian Masinsin

Online Catering services reservations 





Last Friday, I had the pleasure of witnessing the Capstone 1 presentation of what probably is the most diverse batch Tuitt has ever seen. The mission was simple. Create a website that is responsive in different platforms. This batch delivered and surpassed all the expectations I had. I saw different styles and approaches towards the same goal of turning their vision into a masterpiece. Moving forward, expect this batch to continue to grow as full stack web developers and be ready enough to make a break through in the IT industry.