Setting The Bar A Notch Higher: Batch 6 Day Class Capstone Project 1


The sixth iteration of the day class session of the Tuitt Coding Bootcamp just recently completed their first capstone project. Usually, the first capstone project is the easy project to be completed out of the three capstone projects. But still, it will require time and effort of the campers not just to comply with the requirements but to be able to create something that they will be proud of.

Minimum Requirements and Specifications

The bootcamp instructors created a reference for the minimum requirements and specifications for this project that the campers should be able to meet. This reference serves as the basis of the skills set acquired by the campers in front-end development, and the rating they will have out of the project they have made.

For front-end web development of the capstone projects, the following main aspects were rated accordingly:


Content is the clarity of message and purpose,  the absence of incomplete pages, and organization of ideas and information.


Design is the intuitiveness and user-friendliness of the interface, clever synergies of visual elements, decent color harmonies, and efficient use of space.

Source Code Quality

Source code quality is about the maintainability of the codebase, limiting the length and complexity of the code units, keeping the codebase small, having appropriate comments, having no unnecessary white spaces and new lines, having file and folder organization, and having proper format for folders and filenames.

Mobile-First and Responsive Web Design
Mobile-First Design

Mobile-first design is a web design methodology that creates an emphasis on the usability of the website or web app for a mobile device as if it was a desktop version.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive-web design is another web design methodology that focuses on the responsiveness of the website or web app to the device screen sizes and orientation.

Capstone Projects

The Originals

The Originals, Created by Rommel

The Originals a TV series blog site. This website is made by fans for fans of The Originals.

— Rommel


SpoonFork, Created by Kris

A website that caters you a full menu of the restaurant and the best dishes that it offers.

— Kris

JPL’s Pizza

JPL’s Pizza, Created by Patrick

JPL’s Pizza – A clean, efficient website that aims to bring a pizza place its own online presence.

— Patrick

Angono: The Artist’s Home

Angono: The Artist’s Home, Created by Teeds

ANGONO | The Artist’s home. A place too familiar. It wasn’t until I moved and transferred that I appreciated my hometown. This website is a brief primer/ introduction about Angono, its history and four of its renowned artists.

— Teeds

Shut Up Legs

Shut Up Legs, Created by Astro

ShutUpLegs is your first reference point about cycling. This site will help you decide how to choose a cycling sports according to your personality type.

— Astro

Underground Football

Underground Football, Created by Paulo

A concept website for Underground Football. The website offers information for football enthusiasts about the club’s services and provides a way to contact the organizer to reserve slots for events.

— Paulo


iValue, Created by Don

iValue is a static ecommerce website that distributes top of the line gadgets ranging from cellphones, tablets and computers.

— Don


Tokyo, Created by JC

Sample website created from my different HTML/CSS experiments.

— JC

Rabbit Travels

Rabbit Travels, Created by Mark

Travel the world with Rabbit. A travel blog site that will give you a brief preview of different places based on Rabbit’s experiences.

— Mark


SEED, Created by Sean

SEED | Social Enterprise for Economic Development -It is a fundraising website for farmers where anyone can see current project proposals from SEED delegates and donate to help make the plan to actuality.

— Sean

Purrfect Cafe

Purrfect Cafe, Created by Dro

A place where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and the company of friendly felines.

— Dro

Muzika Pinoy

Muzika Pinoy, Created by Chester

The capstone 1 is inspired by the developers passion for music. Basically, it features activities of the band and help promotes aspiring individual to showcase their talent.

— Chester

Pinto Art Museum

Pinto Art Museum, Created by John Ray

Pinto Art Museum website that shows all the gallery of museum that is full of modern and contemporary art.

— John Ray


VUSH.Studio, Created by Ishii

VUSH.Studio is an independent multi-disciplinary design studio fighting visual diseases and curing with design. We help brands grow, shift and evolve, creating unique digital experiences through brand identity, brand strategy, website design and website development.

— Ishii

All About Coffee

All About Coffee, Created by Raniel

The website is made to provide information about the different types of coffee and where coffee originated. This also provide information on how to properly prepare a coffee. The site also contain links to different coffee bloggers.

— Raniel


Festivals, Created by Kevin Jordan

This website is made to provide guides and information for the travelers of some of the popular festivals in the Philippines.

— Kevin Jordan


NavEssentials, Created by Kevin

A product page for NavEssentials – navigation calculator for seafarers.

— Kevin

L|R Designs and Printing

L | R Designs and Printing, Created by Lovely

L | R Designs and Printing Services, static website created using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap for responsiveness.  The idea of this website is to offer printing and design services to users.

— Lovely


BikeMOTO, Created by Ricky

A website that gives information and provides an easy to use platform for bike sharing.

— Ricky

Body Recomposition

Body Recomposition, Created by Emil Carlo

A static website that offers fitness services for fitness enthusiasts and those who wanted to undergo lifestyle changes.”

— Emil Carlo

Rediscover Pangasinan: The Heartland of the Philippines

Pangasinan: The Heartland of the Philippines, Created by EJ

Rediscover Pangasinan – Heartland of the Philippines”. This website highlights the most beautiful places and restaurants of Pangasinan inspired by my parents hometown. If you are looking for a place to have fun and spend your weekend in the North of Philippines PANGASINAN is a must!

— EJ

The Juen

The Juen, Created by Jen

THE JUEN | Simple portfolio website for anyone who wants to have an awesome website. Specializes in website and web app design & development.

— Jen


ArchSteel, Created by Dennis

Archsteel ID. A simple website for a fictional interior design company that takes aim at showcasing some of the company’s works and services.

— Dennis

Ignis Priori

Ignis Priori, Created by Vince

IGNIS PRIORI ” A Star Wars inspired site wherein one can join the First Order in order to bring peace to the galaxy. Do you have what it takes?

— Vince

Mang Gym

Mang Gym, Created by Pen

Mang Gym”. A simple Fitness website that will help you achieve the body you are hoping for. Do it now or you will regret it for the rest of your life.

— Pen

Food 4 You

Food 4 You, Created by Arjo

Food4You was inspired by my passion for cooking, specifically Italian dishes. It is a restaurant website designed to give access to customers with table reservation prior to dining and create their favorite Italian dishes based from our original recipes.

— Arjo

In Closing

The current day class batch created amazing projects that are setting a new benchmark for the output of first capstone projects by the campers. The bootcamp trainers were happy knowing that the campers were able to code craft  their projects that are above and beyond the minimum requirements.

The time and effort invested by the campers to develop these projects are worth complimenting about.

Good job guys!

Tuitt Officially Welcomes Its Second Location

A look at Tuitt’s ribbon cutting ceremonies for the new GEMPC training lab


“We want to give more people a chance to learn and help improve their lives.” – Mr. Tomohisa Kato, Founder

After transferring to a new office last year, Tuitt has officially opened the doors to its second location in Metro Manila. Similar to its first location, the training lab in the GEMPC building maintains the company’s core concept, with a clean, traditional yet modern, innovative approach.

Large LED screens and their own workstations await campers.

The lab showcases a minimalist feel with lots of exposed wood throughout the interior which gives off the feeling of Zen. It is also Tuitt’s biggest training lab, yet. Mr. Alan Beraquit, the GEMPC lab’s project leader, worked tirelessly for 4 months just to make sure everything was ready come opening day.

The growing Tuitt family which has tripled in size since opening its doors in 2016

“Along with the expansion, we grow as a company. Not only with the number of students, but, we are happy that we were able to find competent individuals to handle this expansion with us,”  said Ms. Mary Shemuel Unida, Tuitt’s CEO/Founder. For Tuitt founder Mr. Tomohisa Kato, a second training lab can only mean that we can welcome more aspiring individuals into the Tuitt family.

Mr. Alan Beraquit – Project Leader / Academic Program Coordinator

After the ribbon cutting ceremonies, a feast awaited the attendees. Food. Lots of it. We have the HR team to thank for that. Everything was spot on. From the scrumptious food to the blue and silver balloons, everything seemed to complement each other. The rest of the afternoon was given to the attendees to catch up and mingle with one another.

Food. Lots of it.

Everyone was excited to eat!

Mr. Tom enjoying a laugh with one of our consultants, Ms. Carmela Anne Umali.

Thanks to everyone who went to the opening! We really appreciate the support!

HR team + some VIP photo bombers

Tech + Marketing Team

Tuitt Bootcamp Instructors

It’s never a party without a group selfie

That’s it for number 2. See you soon!

Amazing Is The Night: Batch 3 Night Class Capstone Project 1


Before the year 2017 ended, the 3rd batch of our night owl campers completed their first capstone project – a mobile-first, responsive, and live web site/app.

The group came from different industries and most of them are working professionals. Several of them go to work after the training. It was not an easy feat. Working on a web site/app project for four (4) hours takes so much mental and physical energy especially if you have a full time job. Now, that is really challenging!

Minimum Requirements and Specifications

The initial phase of the boot camp requires the campers to conceive a project that they are passionate about. First, they start with documentation and identification of the owner and audience of the project, then they craft the sketch and the wireframes. Lastly, they convert everything to codes – using JavaScript animations.

At least four (4) pages should be created and hyperlinked. Applying the principles of responsive web design and fundamentals of good UI (User Interface)/UX (User Experience) to the project. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) frameworks are not really required at the moment.

Upon completion of the beta version of the project which was consequently deployed to the Internet — via the means taught to them early on in the bootcamp, that is using GitHub, GitLab, Heroku, etc. — the campers should be able to present it to the bootcamp instructors and the class.

Two projects are created during the Front-End Development track of the boot camp: one for the capstone project and another for the web developer portfolio. At the end of the training, portfolios will contain three (3) projects created during the 6-month intensive web development boot camp.

For the front-end web development part of the capstone project, the following main aspects were rated accordingly:


Content is the clarity of message and purpose,  the absence of incomplete pages, and organization of ideas and information.


Design is the intuitiveness and user-friendliness of the interface, clever synergies of visual elements, decent color harmonies, and efficient use of space.

Source Code Quality

Source code quality is about the maintainability of the codebase, limiting the length and complexity of the code units, keeping the codebase small, having appropriate comments, having no unnecessary white-spaces and newlines, having file and folder organization, and having proper format for folders and filenames.

Mobile-First and Responsive Web Design
Mobile-First Design

Mobile-first design is a web design methodology that create an emphasis on the usability of the website or web app for a mobile device as if it was a desktop version.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive-web design is another web design methodology that focuses on the responsiveness of the website or web app to the device screen sizes and orientation.

Capstone Projects

Built Cycles

Built Cycles, Created by Erwin

Built Cycles is a bike shop inside the metro, that provides services and needs to all kinds of cycling discipline, from fixed gear bikes and other competitive cycling to adventure cycling and bike touring. I chose this project because cycling is my passion, and I use my bike as a mode of transportation everyday and anywhere I need to go, whether within the city or to the mountains or just anywhere! It is a different feeling whenever I ride my bike to different environment. I want to share this kind of lifestyle to everyone for them to at least experience what it feels to ride a bike and encourage them to try cycling.

— Erwin

Base Builds

Base Builds, Created by Joseph

Base Bahay is a non-profit organization that enables a network of partners to provide comfortable, affordable, resilient and eco-friendly houses with social impact for the poor. This website enlists Base’s projects, tells beneficiaries’ and partners’ stories and updates its stakeholders with relevant news. It also offers its readers the opportunity to support Base’s cause.

— Joseph

Computer School

Computer School, Created by Rellie

Computer School is an educational website about computers. The website teaches about windows command line, history and programming on C++. It also has additional page on book reviews. I decided to choose this project because I was inspired by Khan academy on its mission of free education. If possible, in the future, I want to develop and extend its scope to other subjects.

— Rellie


Band Up, Created by Kevin

For this capstone project I created a landing site for the social network BandUP. The goal of the site is to create a community for Filipino musicians where they can collaborate and discuss ideas, organize meetup or make the process of forming or joining a band much easier.

— Kevin

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia, Created by Kat

Southeast Asia is one of the most colonized regions in the world, but despite this, its own culture still thrives. I wanted to showcase the diversity of each country in the region while also creating a mini repository/blog of these places. I plan on using this site as a mini-blog for when I eventually visit all countries.

— Kat


Rigma, Created by Mars

Rigma (from word “mandirigma”) is a unique social media website created for people who have goals. Its a community of goal getter and aims to motivate users by curating a feed of posts from users that they’re following, communities they joined and accountability groups they are enlisted to. It also tracks their posts on a weekly/monthly/quarterly scale (depending on user preference) and generates a summary of their activities on the site to help motivate users. Rigma stands by its opening line on the landing page- You don’t have to do things alone. Find your support network with fellow goal getters here.”

— Mars


Explore Poblacion, Created by Kim

Poblacion, Makati is one of the top spots in the metro when it comes to their art and culture. This website caters to people whose interest is to explore new places to chill, hang out and eat. This is a simple guide where you can find most of the hidden gems of Poblacion.

— Kim

Josie’s Delicacies

Josie’s Delicacies, Created by Emman

Josie’s Delicacies is a simple fully responsive website for a local business which sells homemade delicacies and desserts. Having a website for small businesses like this isn’t a norm in our country yet. I thought that it would be a good idea, once live, to give the business online presence for the purpose of generating more product orders/sales.

— Emman

iNurse SP

iNurse SP, Created by Jeremy

The objective of iNurseSP’s (Informatics Nurses Society of the Philippines) website is to encourage the nursing practitioners to become part of the premier organization in Nursing Informatics in the Philippines. It demonstrates the step-by-step guide on how to become a member and shows the different working groups where they could participate. In addition, the website contains the latest news and updates in health informatics.

— Jeremy

Kelly’s Garden

Kelly’s Garden, Created by Dan P.

Kelly’s Garden is an e-commerce website that sells different kinds of cactuses and succulents for enthusiasts who like collecting plants, mainly cactus and/or succulents, or just common people who have interest on having their very first plant. The site also accept large amount of orders that are usually used in giveaways for weddings, birthdays and the likes.

— Dan P.

Weekend Drifter

Weekend Drifter, Created by Sermil

Weekend Drifter is a travel blog / informational website about great hiking destinations within the Philippines.

— Sermil

OverBreak Guild

OverBreak Guild, Created by Adrian

Someone once told me “If you want to do something, do something you love to do”. From a non-IT background, I have created this project to showcase and highlight everything I have learned so far in this bootcamp. It is a fan site/guild website for a mobile video game that I play online with my friends.

— Adrian


Phi | RAD, Created by Red

Phi | RAD is a website with the purpose of bridging Radar Meteorology to the Philippine community. It showcases blogs, radar data processing tutorials, and news regarding the advancement of weather radar in the country. It also promotes the use of Python, an open source computer language, that lets radar enthusiasts, students, and experts engage for further development and research collaboration in Radar meteorology.

— Red

The Wedding Project

The Wedding Project, Created by Betty

Being the resident pseudo-wedding planner of family and friends, I witnessed how the most gentle brides (and sometimes, grooms) turn into monster bridezillas. Who can blame them though? The pressure to plan your perfect day can get a little overwhelming especially when you don’t know where to start. Soon, you’ll find yourself just a couple of months away from your big day with no supplier booked, guest list doubled and budget out of control. I’ve created this website in the hope of bringing back the fun in wedding planning. From the most basic requirements to the little details that will make your big day truly special, here’s everything you need to achieve your dream wedding.

— Betty

Maximus Prime

Maximus Prime, Created by Chellie

MAXIMUS PRIME is a website that offers photo, video and digital services.

With so many choices to choose from, I decided to create a starter project website that caters one field of my interest which is photography. Booking an event made easy with this website. It showcase the photographers portfolio, package and services being offered.

— Chellie


PhotoHub, Created by Mike

“To cater my skills & capabilities to the viewer as an aspiring developer.

— Mike

KYN (Know Your North)

Know Your North, Created by Onof

As a passionate traveler, I wanted to share the beauty of Northern Luzon provinces not only the tourist spots but also the locales’ distinctive spirit, character and culture. The website contains a description of the region and provinces of Northern Luzon, mode of transportation regarding how to get there, accommodation and tourist spots.

— Onof

The Millennial FUNK

The Millenial Funk, Created by Jean

The Millennial Funk is an independent soul news and reviews website compiled for anyone who really cares about jazz and funk music, all of its emotions and the passions made by the favorite soul artists in the late 60’s and 70’s.

— Jean


Monologist, Created by Des

Monologist website is where you can find different types of books and poems, it is not for the book lovers only but to engage other people in reading. In this site you can have an update for best-selling book and it is the best website for the young writer who wants to pursue being author, you can write your own book and poems.

— Des

VSOM (Vacay State of Mind)

Vacay State of Mind, Created by Ann

Like most people my age, I am constantly wanting to travel. I wanted to create a travel resource blog that I can later build on to become a unique travel agency that can arrange highly individualized custom-fit itineraries for busy people. There is nothing I love more than scoring great deals and nothing I hate more than missing out on promos. Pretty sure I’ll be happy to do it for other like-minded travelers in a future business venture.

— Ann

Sip It Cafe

Sip It Cafe, Created by Dan

Sip It Cafe is a website for a small business cafe, it contains various menu of what food and coffee it serve. The website contains details of the  cafe , latest event, news, blogs. I choose this website because I dream of having the said business someday.

— Dan

The FlowerShop

The FlowerShop, Created by Arjay

The FlowerShop project is an online store that sells different types of flowers that were specially handcrafted, meticulously emulated flowers which are made only out of paper. This project was created to serve as a platform for the buyer to inquire and buy the products online and at the same time, for the seller to market her products in the most convenient way.

— Arjay

Project ACE

Project ACE, Created by James


The ‘ACE’ in Project ACE stands for activations, creatives, and events — three new services that my colleagues at work were trying to offer. I thought that it would be a good exercise to create some sort of online brochure about this new offering.

— James

Drink or Fly

Drink or Fly, Created by Jane

Drink or Fly. A pathetic excuse to drink and travel. An interactive blog where you can find how hard a bar can give you a hangover or how exhausted you’ll be when you travel. This blog is created to give audience an idea on where to drink or where to travel, rating a place on how hard one can get a hungover or jet lagged, what these places can offer and how long will it take to get there.

— Jane

The Dark Knight Philippines

The Dark Knight Philippines, Created by Lee

TDKPHThe Dark Knight Philippines is the premier Batman group in the country. It is a non-profit organization aimed to bridge the gap between fandom– comics, toys, statues, movies, TV shows, animated series, and collectibles. It is a shared community of enthusiasts, that actively participates in building knowledge on Batman and other related characters through original articles, news, reviews, discussion threads, cosplay events and artists promotions. From a non- IT background and as a fan of the bat, I would like to start my capstone 1 with something that I love and would do it for free for the client.

— Lee

In Closing

This third iteration of the night class are breaking some boundaries considering the capstone projects they have created, and most likely they will carry this momentum to the back-end development track of the coding bootcamp.

The bootcamp facilitated a refresher course in JavaScript programming last January 2018. The challenging part of this coding bootcamp has already started.

Good job guys!