Achievement Unlocked: Night Class’ First Websites

Our most recent posts talked about how the October day class performed on their very first projects. Bringing in their A games, too, the night class presented their outputs a few weeks ago after having finished their lessons on ideation, sketching, wireframing, HTML and CSS.

For this post, we’ll share with you the ideas behind each student’s chosen website theme, challenges they encountered while making the project, as well as their favorite and least favorite part of the whole web development process.

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‘Tis the Season!

The year is slowly drawing to a close and we, at Tuitt HQ, are very much feeling the Yuletide season as we exchanged gifts during yesterday’s short but sweet and simple “party”. Organized by our second batch’s Day class, we did the traditional Filipino way of gift giving through monito/monita. It’s not uncommon to see special bonds and friendships develop among our students throughout our bootcamps but gestures such as this do make us feel more inspired and heartwarmingly proud!


Thank you, everyone!

Instructor’s Thoughts on First Websites

Recently, the Batch 2 (October2016) Day class achieved its first milestone by accomplishing their static websites written in HTML and CSS. In our previous post, we talked about their personal insights regarding the experience including the challenges they faced while working on the outputs. This time, we’ll share our instructor’s thoughts on their first milestone.

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