Last Leg of Bootcamp

Three months ago, Tuitt started a program for passionate individuals who want to learn how to code. Coming from all sorts of backgrounds and places, most of them being non-IT graduates, they underwent rigorous training in web development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, MySQL and Laravel, in the hopes of landing a programming job after the training stint.

The trainees’ outputs transitioned from simple, static HTML webpages to complex, dynamic PHP websites with rich designs and features. On the last leg of the intensive coding boot camp, they were tasked to create a website using all the things they learned for the past 11 weeks using Laravel as framework. The default theme they can pattern from was Social Networking Site; however, they were also free to modify the concept as they please. Being the free thinkers that they are, the final outputs varied from course enlistment system, interactive blog to payroll system, among others.

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