First Websites – a Portfolio in the making

“If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin.” – Even Turgenev

It is D-Day for our students to showcase their first websites for which they have spent two class days. As tuitt staff, we are excited and curious about what exactly we are going to see. Although we somehow have an idea of what themes some students have, the others are really good at hiding their outputs when we snoop around. Haha!

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Third Day at Tuitt

Hi, again! Today is another day of outputs.

As expected, the first topic – HMTL –  was finished halfway through the second day. Our Instructor moved to the second topic, which is CSS, and finished it as well yesterday. They also had a quiz yesterday and guess what! Our students have more-than-average passing scores. We even have a perfect scorer!

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First Day High

Our coding bootcamp finally started. Yay! (We waited so long for this.) One of our students was there really early (He came before we even made it to the office.), which lead us to believe that he really is that passionate about this training. We’re excited to see him follow through.

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