Turn it up to Eleven | Batch 11 Day Class Graduation

There’s a new batch of developers set to join the IT Industry as Tuitt’s 11th Batch of Day Class students have officially finished their training!

Their graduation ceremony was held last December 14 at the GEMPC classroom, where they spent the last 3 months learning full stack web development.

First off, it was instructor Charles Quimpo who took the stage for the opening remarks. He told the class to congratulate themselves and to never forget the moments they’ve had with each other from eating kwek-kwek during breaks to their late night coding sessions. “More than the lessons you’ve learned, your batch has created a lot of memories.” he added as he congratulated the class once again.

Instructor Charles Quimpo

After the opening remarks, it would be our guest alumni speaker’s turn to talk to the graduating class and share his experiences. Jeremy Rotoni is a web developer and digital marketing specialist currently working as a project executive for for an HK based company. “While studying in college, there weren’t any programming courses in the school I was going to at the time so that’s why I decided to join Tuitt.”

Mr. Jeremy Rotoni

Mr. Rotoni would begin by talking about his time in the bootcamp. He started off saying that he made a lot of good memories during his time with Tuitt and how excited he was to use the knowledge he learned in a job over time. Although he didn’t get a job right away after he graduated, his grit and determination was what helped him persevere and finally land the career that he was looking for. Before he ended his talk, Mr. Rotoni left our graduating class with this message: “Be active in the community. Meet people and network.”

With Mr. Rotoni’s closing words, it was finally time to award the students on their successful training! Certificates of Recognition were given out to the graduates by Instructor Alan Beraquit and Instructor Terence Gaffud

The graduates of the Batch 11 Day Class are:

  1. Agres, Chane Arleigh B.
  2. Alegre, Katrina C.
  3. Banal, Noumer Ian A.
  4. Calma, Shaira Marie D.
  5. Canilang, Elmerson D.
  6. Capagcuan, Julian Earvin S.
  7. Co, Kevin Christopher C.
  8. Collado, John Edison P.
  9. Cuadrante, Melvin D.
  10. Daleon, Frederick Alvin T.
  11. Damaso, Jonald P.
  12. De Guzman, Dheyjem E.
  13. Diaz, Rainier M.
  14. Dominguez, Abigail S.
  15. Erilla, Angelito C.
  16. Esmerelda, Eula Y.
  17. Fulgencio, Jonathan V.
  18. Lacadin, Michael Andre John T.
  19. Mananquil, Julius Earvin P.
  20. Medina, Paula Ysabelle V.
  21. Mojico, Celedonio L. Jr.
  22. Palaroan, Jacinto Michael P.
  23. Romero, Danica Mari H.
  24. San Agustin, Jyra Amor A.
  25. Sy, James Benneth L.
  26. Tan, Bryan Patrick O.
  27. Untalan, Lemuel H.
  28. Villanueva, Ryan Ben V.
  29. Villasenor, Bremly D.

After the certificates were given out, it was now time to hear from our special guest speaker from the IT Industry, Jhonathan Howard Falcutela.

Mr. Falcutela graduated from Computer Engineering in PUP and currently serves as an Infrastructure Engineer in Datalink Industries. “I took computer engineering because Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were my idols.” said Mr. Falcutela. He really got into programming once his friend got him to intern for a company and that’s where his journey in the IT industry began.

Jhonathan Howard Falcutela

Amidst Mr. Falcutela’s talk with the graduating class, these are the top pointers he had for them after graduating:

  • Never quit & stay focused
  • Create a beautiful resume
  • Sell yourself well
  • Celebrate your small wins and achievements
  • Dream big & accomplish bigger
  • Fail fast then learn, learn, learn
  • Find something you’re really passionate about and put it into practice
  • Be around people who have the same passion as you do

After the insightful speech by Mr. Falcutela, we would head into the most exciting part of the event: The Special Awards!

The Top Performers for the 11th Batch of Day Class graduates were:

3rd Top Performer: Danica Maire H. Romero

2nd Top Performer: Noumer Banal

1st Top Performer: Michael Andre Lacadin

Next would be the Student Voted awards where the recipients of said awards were actually voted by their peers.

First up would be the “Kindness Counts Award” which was won by Paula Medina who thanked her classmates by making them all laugh with a funny joke.

The “Confident Kid Award” would be won by Bryan Tan to the adulation of his classmates

Then a dual winner would appear as both the “Enthusiastic Learner Award” and the “Outstandingly Organized Award” both went to Ryan Ben Villanueva

Another dual winner would arrive in the form of Michael Andre Lacadin as he took home both the “Student Best Able to Teach Others Award” and the “Most Likely to be Famous Someday Award”.

Last but not the least, the “Most Likely To Establish Their Own Startup Award” would go to Noumer Banal as his classmates cheered on their fellow graduate.

After the awards were given out, instructor Terence Gaffud would step up and give his final words of advice to the class. “The past 3 months were hard on all of you. A lot of you didn’t have backgrounds in coding and now look where you are. You were amazed with websites and now you make amazing websites. You built camaraderie. You learned grit and resilience” He told the class as they all listened on. “Don’t forget each other when you graduate. No man is an island. Today is my last day as your professor. Now we’ll see each other outside of this classroom as IT Professionals.”

Instructor Terence Gaffud

To cap off his rousing speech, instructor Terence would leave them all with this final saying: DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND LOVE WHAT YOU DO.”

With that, the ceremony ended and it was finally time to eat, be merry, and enjoy the festivities.

Congratulations once again to the graduates of the 11th Batch of Day Classes! We wish you all the best in your IT careers!

The Highest of Fives | Batch 5 Night Class Graduation

Tuitt is proud to announce that a new batch of developers are set to join the IT Industry as our 5th Batch of Night Class students have officially finished their training!

Their graduation ceremony was held last November 28 at the Caswynn classroom, where they spent the last 6 months learning Full Stack Web Development every night.

For the opening remarks, it was instructor Lourence Jaromay who took the stage. “Now that you have finished the bootcamp, you’ve faced challenges but acquired more skills.” he said. “You’ve faced different problems but you found solutions. Despite the problems, obstacles, and hurdles, you persevered. Now you’re more ready to face your IT careers.”

Instructor Lourence Jaromay

Instructor Jaromay would conclude his opening remarks with this: “Don’t stop learning. With the rapid changes in our world, we as developers need to cope. Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits.”

After the opening remarks, it would be our guest alumni speaker’s turn to talk to the graduating class. Emmanuelle Abendan came from Tuitt’s 3rd Night Class Batch and he came up to start sharing his experiences with his peers. He started work as a graphic artist but his real love was for coding. “I became the front end developer for my company after being their graphic artist for a few years and that’s when I realised I didn’t have the necessary skills since the technology outgrew me. That’s why I joined Tuitt.”

Alumni Speaker Emmanuelle Abendan

He would also share his struggles and how he overcame them. “At first it was hard juggling both my job and attending night classes at Tuitt. At times I thought to myself why I joined in the first place but I kept on. The hard work paid off in the end because I was awarded the 2nd best position in my class.”

Before he ended his talk, he left the class with this thought on looking for work after graduating: “Be aggressive but not desperate. Gain a foundation and be ready for the world.”

With Mr. Abendan’s closing words, it was finally time to award the students for their successful training! Certificates of Recognition were given out to the graduates by Tuitt CTO Allister Alambra.

The graduates of the Batch 5 Night Class are:

  1. Advincula, Marynita Fatima B.
  2. Ambrosio, Joseph Lauren A.
  3. Aviles, Jarome Carlo L.
  4. Chong, Derick Ivan T.
  5. Dela Torre, Jason Bernard D.
  6. Dolar, Ristylou M.
  7. Forte, Gladys V.
  8. Lorenzana, Efraim A.
  9. Salonga, John Robert A.

After the certificates were given out, it was then time to hear from our special guest speaker from the IT Industry, Ruel Guston Nopal.

Industry Speaker Ruel Guston Nopal

Mr. Nopal was a self-taught programmer and a full-time freelance developer. Now he is the co-organizer of Digital Ocean Magazine and strives to help fellow dev ops and programmers hone their skills for people who want to learn and connect.

He started off by chronicling his journey into coding. “I wasn’t really a programmer at first. I started as a civil engineer. I only got an idea for programming when I started work back in 2004.” he shared. “One day, my company decided to hire a freelance programmer and he was using my work computer to program and develop. That’s when I first got an idea of coding and programming.”

He would then talk about how he would use his salary to buy programming books and how his very first investment was actually his computer. Although it would become his career, he said, “I never formally learned how to code or program in school. I would study online or buy books and devote time everyday to learn. No matter what my job was and no matter what I’ve already learned, I would just keep learning”

Although he never did formally learn how to code, Mr. Nopal now runs his own company thanks to the one big lesson he learned throughout his years in coding, and one he has imparted to the graduating class. That lesson is to: “JUST KEEP LEARNING”

After the riveting speech by Mr. Nopal, we headed into the most exciting part of the event: The Special Awards!

The Top Performers for the 5th Batch of Night Class graduates were:

3rd Top Performer: Ristylou Dolar


2nd Top Performer: Joseph Ambrosio

1st Top Performer: Efraim Lorenzana

Next would be the Student Voted award. The recipients of said awards were voted by their peers.

First up would be the “Kindness Counts Award” which was won by Derick Ivan Chong


Then a dual winner would appear as both the “Most Likely To Establish Their Own Startup Award” and the “Student Best Able To Teach Others Award”. Both went to Jason Dela Torre.


After the awards were given out, Instructor Billy Arante would step up and give his final words of advice to the class. “The past 6 months were tough for all of us but through your perseverance, you’re all here graduating.” He then added, “Our teachings don’t end here. I hope all the best practices you learned you won’t forget.”

Instructor Billy Arante

Finally, Instructor Billy would give these 3 last pieces of advice to the graduating class:

  • First: Cultivate your core values as a person and as a developer. Focus, expand, and keep learning everyday
  • Second: Find a mentor. You don’t know every single thing about anything. There will be someone better than you and finding that person will help you grow more as a developer.
  • Third: Cultivate gratitude. Whether it’s a good or bad experience, a good or bad person, you need to cherish those experiences because they will help you grow as a person. Those experiences will be the ones to help you grow as a developer.

After these last 3 statements were said, Instructor Billy thanked the class for trusting Tuitt team and investing their time and effort into the class.

With that, the ceremony ended and it was finally time to eat, be merry, and enjoy the festivities.

Congratulations once again to the graduates of the 5th Batch of Night Classes! Good luck and God speed!

Headed for Cloud Nine | Batch 9 Day Class Graduation

A new batch of developers are set to join the IT industry, as Tuitt’s 9th Batch of Day Class students officially finished their training!

Their graduation ceremony was held last August 22 at the GEMPC classroom, where they spent the last 3 months learning full stack web development.

Batch 9 Day Class Graduation

Instructor Sir Charles Quimpo took the stage for the opening remarks. “Congratulate yourselves,” he said. “Once you step out of this room, remember to make the world better. Engage & inspire.”

Copy of DSCF0257

The alumni guest speaker, Ruby Ann Matias, then stepped up to the mic to talk about her experiences before and after joining Tuitt.

Copy of DSCF0242

She began her career as a Therapeutic Dietician. It was an extremely stressful job, where she had to work at a hospital and commute for a total of 6 hours everyday to and from work. She went through all that for 4 years, and she would have kept on doing it if she hadn’t decided she needed a change.

Ruby applied to Tuitt because she liked the lifestyle people in the IT industry had. She got accepted into Tuitt’s web development program, graduated, and has been working as a Web Developer ever since. Her current company, Hackazouk, is an HR tech startup. With the company’s free atmosphere and open bar, she now loves going to work everyday. She encouraged the graduates to apply and join the company as well.

Once Ruby finished telling her story, the program moved on to celebrating the students’ successful training.

The Graduates of the Batch 9 Day Class are:

  1. Jeru Baldia
  2. Bryan Batac
  3. Marc Catapia
  4. Vincent Cuatico
  5. Roy Cunanan
  6. Mark Dumalaon
  7. Nicole Esposo
  8. Shierubim Estrada
  9. Ludwig Eugenio
  10. Charlene Gozar
  11. Aldrin Manahan
  12. Joy Marzonia
  13. Jenica Padama
  14. Ron Ramos
  15. Marc Reyes
  16. Rommel Torquator
  17. Justin Trajano
  18. Paolo Velasco
  19. Arjel Villadores

We would also like to congratulate Judy Anne Pontiveros, who was one of the graduates but was unable to attend the ceremony.

Joe Palala, our industry guest speaker, was next to take the floor. He has been working as a developer for 10 years, and is currently the head of the Lavarel Philippines Meetup group.

He laid out the following steps for the graduates to find success in the IT industry:

  1. Build your skills
  2. Find a mentor & be a mentor
  3. Be professional & punctual
  4. Find your passion
  5. Don’t overwork
  6. Grow your network

Then followed the most exciting part of the event: the Special Awards.

Certificates were first given to the Top 3 performers of the batch. The Top 3 was Charlene Gozar. She hadn’t expected to get a top performer award at all, she said. “Alam ko namang magagaling at hardwoking mga batch mates ko,” she went on. “Proud ako na galing akong Batch 9.”

The Top 2 was Marc Reyes. “Nasa appeal lang ‘yan,” he joked upon accepting his award. More seriously, he said, “Nagulat din ako, bakit nga ba ako. Payo ko lang, kapag gumagawa ng project, dapat binubuhos mo yung buong puso mo, para ang outcome unexpected.”

The Top 1 performer of the Batch 9 Day class was Ludwig Eugenio. He couldn’t help but be emotional while accepting his award. “Malaking bagay ‘to para sakin,” he said. He was the only one in his batch who hadn’t been able to complete his undergraduate studies, but he still managed to graduate as the top performer from his class. “Salamat at na-appreciate niyo efforts ko,” he said.

Then followed the Student Voted special awards.

Joy Marzonia won the Friendly Neighbor Award. “Baka kasi dinadalaw ko every row to learn more,” she said.

Marc Catapia won the Student Best Able To Teach Others Award. “Kung ano man matutunan, share na lang natin,” he advised his classmates. “Siguro kasi IT na ako, so mas madali sakin matuto saka magturo.”

Charlene Gozar won the Outstandingly Organized Award. She guessed she got it because, “Yung ugali ko kapag nagtatrabaho, naka-focus talaga. Di na makausap sa pagka-OCD.”

Ludwig Eugenio won the Confident Kid Award and the Enthusiactic Learner Award. “Gusto ko lang masaya lagi ang ambience.”

Arjel Villadores won the Most Likely To Establish Own Start-Up Award. Upon accepting his award, he looked at the crowd, and said, “Baka isa sa inyo, kontakin ko.”

We would once again like to congratulate Judy Anne Pontiveros for winning the Kindness Counts Award and Most Likely To Be Famous Someday Award.

Instructor Sir Terence then stepped up to give the class his last words of advice. “Sobrang dami niyong pinagdaanan,” he said. “Puyat, gutom, struggles sa buhay. But it’s all part of the learning experience.”

“Always remember the life lessons you learned here. Tuitt helped you jumpstart, but it’s up to you to keep up.”

He congratulated the graduates on changing their lives, and told them to now think about changing the lives of others. “Mahirap maghanap ng trabaho sa Pilipinas,” he reminded them. “So why not make that change?”

And with that, ceremony concluded, and it was finally time to eat!

Congratulations once again to the graduates of the 9th Batch of Day Classes! We hope you’ll remember what one of our guidance officers, Rigel, said at the end of the ceremony. “Dream high, but don’t forget to dream deep. It’s time for you to soar, but never forget to grow your roots too.” Goodluck to you guys!

Step right up and be amazed! – Day Class Batch 9 Capstone Project 2

The TUITT Coding Bootcamp Day Class Batch 9 is proud to present their Capstone Project 2. The task is a challenging one for sure, but these students know that surmounting the challenge will improve their skills by leaps and bounds.

Requirements and Specifications:

For the Capstone Project, the students were required to create these items to aid their capstone making.

  • An ideation of their e-commerce site (what products/services they will be selling)
  • An Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) (how the database tables would be structured)

Website Features
The project must have the following features:

  • User registration and authentication
  • Landing page
  • Catalog page of items with sorting
  • Admin control panel
  • Database access for Items, Users, and Cart
  • Cart and Checkout
  • Order and Transaction History

The grading will focus more on the back end and less on the front end with the breakdown as follows:

UI/UX – 20%
Functionality – 40%
Code organization – 30%
Database organization – 10%

Here are the Capstone Projects:


Neumatico, means Tire in Spanish. It’s a tire retailer website. Instead of waiting for a reply in your email for the quotation request, you will be able to see the prices for each brand that you would like to know. This is for a faster and reliable transaction for the company and customers. – Cha


An online shop selling artworks. When you buy something from our site; you dont just buy a product, you also help an artist. Contain artworks from both newbies and professionals alike. – Justin

Angeli Glass

Angeli Glass Products Specialties (APS) is a 100% Filipino owned company pioneering in the field of glass works industry in the Philippines. Driven by passion and cultivated by quality, customer service satisfaction and on-time delivery, APS has founded its stead in both local and foreign markets. – Judy


HIMAS in an online shop that sells premium Himalayan Salt all over the world at an affordable price with a secure transaction platform. – Vince

Loritess Shoes

Loritess Shoes (Shoe Factory Marikina by Loritess) manufactures Filipino handmade shoes. The site provides a large variety of items and you can search and filter the products. – Paolo

MEAVARR sew haus

MEAVARR sew haus is an online shop for any kind of sewing products like clothes, formal or casual, even curtains, sofa covers, etc. Anything that has cloth can be sewed to be a great product that can hit the online market. MEAVARR’s acronym is derived from the owner’s family names starting from the eldest to youngest; this means sewing is our passion and we can make new designs for every generation. – Mac


Weggies provides a fast and easy food delivery service that caters to each and every customer. We guarantee on-time delivery without compromising the quality of your food. FREE of charge if not delivered on-time. – Ludwig


Ollieverse provides a wide variety of choices for skate shoes. We can guarantee you that we only sell original products. – Bim

Rare Auction

An online shop for collectors of rare and valuable items. Items that are hard to find can be found here and users can bid for the item.. Every bid is confidential to ensure a high chance of winning the bid item. – Marc

Roy Silog

Order your favorite silog meals for free and fast delivery 24/7! – Roy

Tara Kape!

Fast and easy coffee delivery for anyone who loves coffee and wants to bring themselves happiness every morning. – Brian

Duma Shoes

An online store for growing shoe brands that sell authentic quality leather shoes and are looking to increase their sales. It provides an easy shopping experience through an elegant and intuitive website. – Duma

Sole Stop PH

Sole Stop PH is a convenient and user-friendly online shop where you can buy basketball shoes and apparels without needing to go to the physical store. – Aldrin

Oggay Ink

Oggay Ink offers temporary tattoos which revolutionize the tribal designs of Whang Od Oggay(the last Kalinga tattooist). Our mission is to provide customers easy, safe, and affordable tattoos. – Tags


A budding children’s book writer and illustrator’s website, with a built-in shop selling her merchandise. – Vonn

The Shoebox

The Shoebox offers a wide variety of sneakers in the Philippines. A “One stop sneaker shop” that would definitely satisfy the needs of all of the sneakerheads out there. – Ron


Sunspecs is the leading online eyeglasses shop that offer different styles fit for everyone. We provide stylish, durable, comfortable and affordable eyeglasses for everyone. – Jenica

Chains and Pedals

Chains and Pedals was established to provide quality bikes and parts that will best suit your needs. We aim to provide good quality service, especially after-sales service. – Jeru

Baby Needs Love

BNL (Baby Needs Love) is an online children’s retail store with a wide variety of baby products ranging from apparel to shoes and other baby needs. We focus on products for children aged 0 to 7 years old. We also sell products for moms. – Jel

Priroda Nature

Priroda Nature tours offers different kinds of tours for people who are into nature. People from all walks of life can feel at home with a nature vibe with the use of earth colors. – Jel

Blue Veranda

This stunning resort on the island of Boracay combines the scenic qualities and escapist nature facing the Mindanao Sea with the high standards and myriad facilities synonymous with Filipino hospitality. This excellently located resort, run by a Dutch-Filipino couple opened its doors to the public in 2003. With its friendly cottages just off the beach, you’ll have the opportunity to relax here. – Nikki

I do knot

I DO, literally can-KNOT is where soon-to-be brides and grooms can get all their wedding needs. We hope to help them lessen the hassle of the wedding preparations by providing high quality products and services to the soon-to-be newlyweds. – Ligaya

I Give It A Ten | Batch 10 Day Class Capstone 1 Project

From Dinosaurs to Travel Blogs and everything in between

Tuitt Coding Bootcamp‘s 10th batch of Day Class Campers just finished presenting their first ever milestone as web developers.

The Capstone 1 project serves as the culmination project for the front-end web development skill set acquired by campers, using best practices and open source web technologies such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, responsive web design, and mobile-first approach to web development.

Core Requirements & Specifications

The following minimum core requirements and specifications of this capstone project should be met by the campers to be able to move on the next phase of the coding boot camp.

  • Project documentation
  • Sketch, wireframe, and/or mock-up designs of core pages
  • Mobile-first and responsive web design
  • At least five hyperlinked web pages
  • Modification to the project should be tracked by Git (version control system)
  • Deployed and hosted by GitHub

Capstone Projects

This is the list of the first capstone projects created by the campers of Batch 10 Day Class:


Thunder Lizards

Thunder Lizards, Created by Darwin Chu

thunderlizards.com is a paleontologist’s website designed to educate children about the history of dinosaurs and the history of life itself.

–  Darwin



Z-Wrap, Created by Nemesio “Thirdee” De Leon III

The website is about one of the new services by Ziebart International Corporation: Z-Wrap, a vinyl vehicle wrap service. It has 3 main categories, Ala Carte Wrap, Full Color Wrap, & Custom Wrap. The website is to showcase Z-Wrap, all the categories, color swatch options, and faqs. The site is for car enthusiasts that would like to give their rides a personal touch.

–  Thirdee


Cake Lady

Cake Lady, Created by Lady Anne Louise Barrun

Cake Lady is a sample website of a cake business. Pastry and cakes are one of the in-demand businesses here in the Philippines, because Filipinos loves celebrations.  With the help of our creative and artistic baker, people can now request custom cakes and design it the way they want. Business owners usually promote their works using social media accounts like Facebook and Instragram. But not everyone uses social media, and mostly people search through google. For all business owners, I want to help them build a professional website which people can search for online, and have potential customers contact them there as well. This is not only to broaden their market but also to have a more organized gallery to show professionalism.

–  Lady Anne


Nomad Astronomer

Nomad Astronomer, Created by Joemar Baclea-an

A nomad guide who will guide you to explore other worlds, this site will give you information about other planets, what the new planets are right now. This is also a blog where you can request content like what is the topic for the next week. It gives the audience a chance to hear what they want to know.

–  Joemar



Anteiku, Created by Farhan T. Solaiman

Owned by a Japanese entrepreneur who spent years perfecting his craft. All year round they bring you the best in-season beans from around the world and roast them right in Caswynn. They also sell coffee related merchandise.

–  Farhan


Sigma Consulting

Sigma Consuting, Created by Adrian Noble

Website for a starting solutions/consulting firm.

–  Adrian


4W Marketing

4W Marketing, Created by Arlandon M. Regero

The website I created serves as 4W Marketing’s online company profile. Not only does it provide their agency with an easily-accessible and shareable landing page, but also serves as a portfolio of their growing body of work. As an agency, their website can provide them an additional outlet to connect with possible clients and expand their reach on the internet, which in turn will help them grow their business.

–  Arlandon


Footwork Laboratory

Footwork Laboratory, Created by Carl Jacob Cruz

Footwork Laboratory is a Basketball training program exclusively for Filipino athletes. The goal is to aid the fitness of each participants in the community. We also provide various programs that elevates the skill and performance level of an athlete.

–  Carl Jacob


Juan Lakbay Ph

Juan Lakbay Ph, Created by Sheerland Benales

My website features the best places that I’ve already visited. It provides routes for your destination, information, and images of places.

–  Sheerland


SMBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary

SMBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary, Created by Bryan Noto

MBY Pet Rescue & Sanctuary is a non-profit organization focused on abandoned animals. They are based in Morong Rizal, and currently have 600 furpets being taken care of. The main purpose of this website is to create awareness that animal abuse and abandonment is happening and we need to make a change.

–  Bryan


Rio’s Hub

Rio’s Hub, Created by Dexter Rio Lacanaria

My website is all about Norse Mythology, its origins and contributions to modern religion. You can see in my website the different gods and goddesses of Norse mythology, along with the 9 realms.

–  Dexter Rio



Merjo, Created by Marc Bryan Portuguez

This website is all about promoting construction services such as house and building design, renovation, painting and other general construction services. The main goal of this website is to provide best construction services for our clients’ needs. It showcases the services that the company has accomplished since the business started. It also allows a user friendly environment for communication between the company and its clients.

–  Marc


Prime Classic Networks

Prime Classic Networks, Created by Jean-Louis Mendoza

Prime Classic Networks: Prime Classic Server for RAN Online. Prime Classic Networks site is an Information and Registration site for RAN players, providing brief server descriptions and providing the foundation of the server and its creator’s predecessor. The Website also provides a gallery preview of the game for website visitors and has Frequently Asked Questions about the game.

–  Jean-Louis


Life Traveller

Life Traveller, Created by Michelle Bernadas

Caters not only photo/travel artworks, but it also serves as a community where you can share your travel stories and be with people who share the same interests as you.

–  Michelle


Benj Resto

Benj Resto, Created by Benjamin Pena

A website for the newly established western restaurant owned by me. This website was made to promote products and the restaurant itself, and it also offers online delivery and reservations.

–  Benjamin


Karen Joan Warren Halili

Karen Joan Warren Halili, Created by Abigail Julia Warren Halili

This website is the portfolio of Ms. Karen Joan Warren Halili, a Professional Makeup Artist in the Philippines and the US. It’s a showcase of her skills and keen talent in makeup artistry. It gives information about her background. Plus, it serves as an online briefcase for international potential clients to see her workmanship.

–  Abigail



Kapihan, Created by Francis Ann Conde

Kapihan is a website promoting coffee farming in the Philippines. I believe our support can make a difference in the lives of our coffee farmers. It will be an avenue for a better life because coffee farming can be a business in many ways.

–  Ann


Z Trends

Z Trends, Created by Jose Marvin Ramoda

Z Trends Giveaways caters to the needs of clients for customized designs by putting their company logo, personal name, etc. This website will enable the customer to browse item catalogs, and design and buy customized items online. Currently, Z Trends Giveaways online is only dealing with its client through social media.

–  Jose Marvin


Final Fantasy World

Final Fantasy World, Created by Alberto Dela Cruz Jr.

This website is dedicated to all fans of the Final Fantasy games. Everyone who played Final Fantasy will surely have nostalgic feelings when they hear the background music of the Home page. This website also encourages people to play Final Fantasy games regardless of what series since all of them are awesome!

–  Alberto


Arts Workshop

Arts Workshop, Created by Jonalyn Dionio

The Arts Workshop Website is made to inspire people to get interested in art and learn new skills. It has four courses offered which are Drawing, Photography, Music and Handicrafts. The purpose of the courses is to train new artists.

–  Jonalyn



Click, Created by Jumel Tagnipez

Click Services Limited was accidentally established during the coding boot camp. It consists of 3 parts: the Photo-Album services, tutorials, and Travel Package services. Initial members were Jumel, Robert, and Angelo. They have interests in photography/ videography and travel, and they got the idea to publish an online photography and travel business.

–  Jumel



theBus, Created by Jeanne Anne Gokotano

This website is an introduction to a bus tracking app. It is a simple website that introduces the app and its main functions. Since it serves as a business website it is straight forward with 4 pages, which will be further improved.

–  Jeanne



WiFipedia, Created by Hazel Apuhin

My project name is WiFipedia, a membership site for PH travellers. WiFipedia was created to connect travel enthusiasts, or even people who don’t usually travel but are looking for good internet deals in the country. We travel all the time, to celebrate special occasions, to work, to experience culture, etc. Basically to connect to the world around us. PH is a beautiful country with beautiful people. Because of being an archipelago, maybe that’s one of the main reasons why our internet speed is slow in some areas of the country and our internet rates are relatively expensive compared to our neighbors. We use internet in almost all transactions we do, like bank transfers, online booking, making online payments, communication, or even hailing cabs. Info stack in this website is shared to the community so that we can plan ahead and stay connected while enjoying our PH vacay. And hopefully this can also help make the ISP’s aware of their service and to improve it. Are you using the net? Sign up now. lol

–  Hazel



SharePad, Created by Yam Tumpalan

SharePad aims to create solutions to the long-standing battle of apartment hunting. The main feature of SharePad is filtering its listings by the common interests of its users. This would really benefit the individuals looking to share a space with complete strangers. Users can also downsize their searches via nearest proximity from their work location. This can cut their search time in half.

–  Yam



Gojira, Created by Roy Fredeluces

Gojira R34 is an online community of owners, fans, and even enthusiasts that aim to be the world’s number 1 network for Nissan Skyline GTR-34 owners, enthusiasts, and fans – providing a community that helps each other out, a family so to speak, and to spread the greatness that is “Godzilla”. It is a dynamic site that will contribute to the awareness, and will feature cars that are submitted by users and it will offer test drives to fellow members of the community in different parts of the world. Gojira R34 will partner with other Nissan Skyline Communities and will be key in organizing car meets, car shows, and share technical knowledge of the entire Nissan GTR lineage.

–  Roy



learnchess.com, Created by Jerome Christian M. Lumacad

This is a basic chess tutorial website. It helps anyone with zero knowledge of chess to get started playing it. The target audience is those between 10 and 25 years old.

–  Jerome


Jaise Design

Jaise Design, Created by Jechris C. Ramos

Jaise Design & Develop is a Web Developing Company that is ready to help anyone to create their website for their business. I managed to create sample works of J.D to attract customers.

–  Jechris



WE SHOP, Created by Rubenjamin Aguro

WE SHOP is a website that tackles online shops in the philippines. It gives details regarding different online shops such as Lazada, Honestbee, Medgrocer, and Zalora. It also feature deals of the day and vouchers of the day.

–  Rubenjamin


ClickEat Cafe

ClickEat Cafe, Created by Joseph Reuben L. Bautista

ClickEat Cafe is a coffee shop in Pangasinan. It sells different types of coffee-based drinks but that isn’t the limit of their crafts. They also sell tea-based drinks, rice meals, pastries, pasta, pica-pica, that can be shared with your friends, family, and significant other. With its affordable price, it is not a surprise that they already have 3 branches across the province of Pangasinan.

–  Joseph


Adventures on Budget

Adventures on Budget, Created byJed Mangulabnan

Adventures on Budget is an adventure travel blog filled with memorable experiences, entertaining stories, captivating sceneries and images, travel hacks and tips and affordable itineraries. This will definitely give you a glimpse or a heads-up for you to maximize your travel experience around the world.. because in the end memories matter most.

–  Jed



The first capstone project is the perfect way for campers to get an idea on how it feels like to become web developers. After three weeks of intensive training, they were tasked to create their own responsive websites. The 10th batch of campers just set the bar a notch higher for the incoming campers. Congratulations, B10DC!

Nocturnal Effort To Achievement: Batch Five (5) Night Class Capstone Project 1

Photo by Simon Abrams on Unsplash


The fifth iteration of the Night Class from the Caswynn Training Center is now done codecrafting their first capstone projects.

The night class is usually the tougher schedule compared to the day class due, because of time constraints, but these campers are determined to go through the whole process.

Requirements and Specifications

The first capstone projects were created by the campers according to the following requirements and specifications: at least four (4) hyperlinked pages, main navigation bar, main footer, mobile-first design, responsive web design, good UI/UX design, project documentation, layout sketches and wireframes, version controlled, and deployed to the web.

Capstone Projects

The following are the capstone projects created by the Batch Five (5) Night Class:

Pera Bilis

Pera Bilis, Created by Clint

Pera Bilis, Created by Clint

An online money-lending website for working-class Filipinos with flexible terms and competitive rates.


Neopolitan Britanny

Neopolitan Britanny, Created by Gladys

Neopolitan Britanny, Created by Gladys

A static website for Neopolitan Britanny Events Place, which includes simple viewing of facilities and can also allow possible clients to make reservations. The purpose of the website is to show the services, facilities/amenities that are suitable for hosting events such as weddings, debut, company celebrations, seminars, and other big events. The website includes basic pages such as facilities, a gallery, packages, and contact details.


Palate Studio

Palate Studio, Created by Seph

Palate Studio, Created by Seph

Two people who love food shared their passion by means of photography. Simple flat and minimalist website showcasing the actual photos taken by them. Taking it to the next level as a startup business is a work in progress. Want to satisfy your cravings for food photography? Let PALATE STUDIO help you!


Lakbay Chinoy

Lakbay Chinoy, Created by Ivan

Lakbay Chinoy, Created by Ivan

A travel blog created for everyone who loves discovering new places and trying new things. A guide for expenses, hotel and AirBnB reservations, and cost.


Top Corner

Top Corner, Created by Jason

Top Corner, Created by Jason

Top Corner is an online news platform for the latest updates on both local football and international football. It also serves as a service to the local football community where information is consolidated and can be used by any football enthusiast; some examples would be details on available football fields to play on, upcoming competitive/non-competitive tournaments, football classes, public viewing of big games, scheduled events, and etc.



Sudoers, Created by Ayie

Sudoers, Created by Ayie

An IT company website that express the content of most common websites that offers the same service. The company services most of what an organization needs in an IT infrastructure.



GetHired, Created by Mary

GetHired, Created by Mary

Intuitive and Responsive Job Hiring Site to help young and new professionals as well as my fellow recruiters. My site is a job hiring and career site that is similar to Jobstreet/Kalibrr and Trabaho Tayo. I want to use my newly learned skills to help my fellow recruiters.



Preschool, Created by Risty

Preschool, Created by Risty

I decided to create this project as a gift to a friend who is the most hard-working and compassionate owner of this school. This project aims to show the school’s curriculum, its mission to be able to reach its vision of building the best foundation and molding best values.


ATV Paradise Resort

ATV Paradise Resort, Created by BJ

ATV Paradise Resort, Created by BJ

My project is for a private pool resort owned by my late uncle. I decided to create a website for the resort to help promote it.


Dream Life

Dream Life, Created by EM

Dream Life, Created by EM

Dream Life is a Real Estate Website that aims to showcase property details for potential buyers. My inspiration for doing this kind of site is the sister company of where I am currently employed.


I “Heart” Pangasinan

I "Heart" Pangasinan, Created by Jarome

I “Heart” Pangasinan, Created by Jarome

The I “Heart” Pangasinan promotes the beauty of Pangasinan. It gives you information about the famous beaches and tourist spots that you and your loved ones can enjoy.



This set of campers showed the time investment and focus required to be able to create those projects.

The real set of challenges begins with the introduction to the backend web development phase of the bootcamp and this bunch of campers are obviously ready for it.

Good job guys!

The Sixth Element: Batch 6 Day Class Graduation

The sixth iteration of the Tuitt Coding Bootcamp Day Class are now done with their 12 weeks of non-stop daily acquisition of the skill set and mindset needed by a junior web developer.

The commencement program was officially opened with opening remarks from Sir Alan (Academic Administrator).

The first guest speaker was “DJ” Parulan, a top performer of the Batch 5 Day Class, currently working as a Front End Developer. He shared his experiences before, during, and after the bootcamp to the graduating campers.

The invited professional guest speaker, Roy Erwin Dela Cruz, gave the campers some insights about the IT industry — specifically about software and web development.

The top performer of this batch, Romeo Chavez Jr., received a simple token of remembrance to commemorate his time and efforts during the bootcamp.

The second top performer of this batch, Kevin Bigay received a certificate for his hard work and perseverance during the bootcamp.

The two campers tied for the third top performers of the batch, John Rey Pantaleon and Mark Munsayac received their respective certificates.


One of the pioneers and best instructors of the coding bootcamp, Sir Peejay (IT Instructor), gave the campers his last pieces of advice.

On behalf of the Tuitt family, we wish you all good luck on your newly chosen career path.

Thank you for the trust you have given us, we really appreciate it.

Good job guys!

Quatro Hindi Patatalo | Batch 4 Night Class Graduation

After 6 challenging months, the 4th Batch of Night Class students finally finished their training to become full stack web developers!

To honor their achievements, their commencement program was held in the GEMPC classroom last August 6.

The batch sitting in their classroom for the last time for their graduation ceremony.

Sir Charles Quimpo, their instructor, gave the opening remarks. He congratulated the graduates and wished them luck in the future, while asking them to always value the camaraderie they’d formed with their classmates, and to always remember the reasons why they signed up to the bootcamp in the first place.

Sir Charles gives his final lessons to Batch 4 Night Class.

Sir Billy Arante then came up to talk about his experiences as a Comp Sci grad, a college instructor, a call center agent, a Tuitt bootcamp graduate, and now a Tuitt instructor. He reminded the students to always keep learning, and to always follow their hearts.

Sir Billy delivers his inspiring life story.

Then came the event that everyone had been waiting for: the Awarding of Graduation Certificates.

Jeffrey Adawag, Tuitt Graduate

Ben Cavas, Tuitt Graduate

Rex Luangco, Tuitt Graduate

Sam Maggay, Tuitt Graduate

Bam Matibag, Tuitt Graduate

Rommel Petilo, Tuitt Graduate

NJ Ramos, Tuitt Graduate

Jom Ronquillo, Tuitt Graduate

Reah Supnet, Tuitt Graduate

Siege Teodosio, Tuitt Graduate

Boy San Luis, Tuitt Graduate

Guest speaker Mr. Jimson Sulit, Lead System Analyst from Globe Telecom, then delivered his “Hacking into the PH Tech Industry Mainframe” talk. With data, resources, humor, and enthusiasm, he told the graduates what to expect once they stepped out of Tuitt’s doors. He assured them that they had bright futures ahead of them, but that was only if they stayed curious and never stopped learning.

Guest Speaker Jimson Sulit explains the Tech industry.

Special awards then followed for the top performers of the batch.

TOP 1 – Jose Maria Ronquillo

TOP 3 – Jeffrey T. Adawag

Really Responsible Award – Rommel B. Petilo

Outstandingly Organized Award – Rex Luangco

Friendly Neighbor Award – Jose Maria Ronquillo

Student Best Able to Teach Others Award – Jeffrey T. Adawag

And with the ceremonies done, the program concluded, and the feast began.

Congratulations once again graduates, and goodluck!

The 4th Night Class Batch


Ready For IT | Batch 8 Day Class Commencement Ceremony

Love is like coding. Both are complicated but we make it work.

Joining a coding bootcamp is not easy. There are late nights of endless debugging, activities/mini projects to test campers every day, and difficult capstone projects that make the campers ask themselves why they ever joined the boot camp. But, if you ask a Tuitt Coding Bootcamp graduate what they’ll remember about their training, you will most likely get an answer vastly different from the things above. They’ll tell you about the strong relationships they’ve formed, the supportive instructors they had, and the batch mates who made learning how to code easier even for those who had zero background.

The Eight Batch of Day Class boot campers made sure to make the most out of their 3-month stay at Tuitt. More than their tenacity to complete the course, the Tuitt family remembers this batch because of the genuine camaraderie that grew between campers. From non-stop hugot lines to late-night coding sessions, you can easily see how this batch bonded as if they had known each other for years.

Kynt with Ms. Shem, Sir Billy, Sir Peejay and Sir Terence

Raia with Ms. Shem, Sir Billy, Sir Peejay and Sir Terence

Batch top-notcher Eugene with Ms. Shem, Sir Billy, Sir Peejay and Sir Terence

Chris with Ms. Shem, Sir Billy, Sir Peejay and Sir Terence

Garvin with Ms. Shem, Sir Billy, Sir Peejay and Sir Terence

Raquel with Ms. Shem, Sir Billy, Sir Peejay and Sir Terence

Larry with Ms. Shem, Sir Billy, Sir Peejay and Sir Terence

Julie with Ms. Shem, Sir Billy, Sir Peejay and Sir Terence

Kier with Ms. Shem, Sir Billy, Sir Peejay and Sir Terence

Ian with Ms. Shem, Sir Billy, Sir Peejay and Sir Terence

Mitch with Ms. Shem, Sir Billy, Sir Peejay and Sir Terence

Jeffrey with Ms. Shem, Sir Billy, Sir Peejay and Sir Terence

Josephus with Ms. Shem, Sir Billy, Sir Peejay and Sir Terence

Mark with Ms. Shem, Sir Billy, Sir Peejay and Sir Terence

Louie with Ms. Shem, Sir Billy, Sir Peejay and Sir Terence

Michael with Ms. Shem, Sir Billy, Sir Peejay and Sir Terence

Renz with Ms. Shem, Sir Billy, Sir Peejay and Sir Terence

Kevin with Ms. Shem, Sir Billy, Sir Peejay and Sir Terence



“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

-Dr. Seuss

To the latest addition to the growing family of Tuitt Coding Bootcamp alumni, the Batch 8 Day Class, the entire Tuitt Team appreciates the trust and time you’ve invested during your stay. May you continue to challenge your limits and unleash your full potential. We wish you luck for all your future challenges in the amazing world of Tech.

Cloud Nine | Batch 9 Day Class Capstone Project 1

An online liquor store, a trip to space and everything in between.

The ninth batch of the Tuitt Coding Boot Camp day class campers have completed their capstone one (1) projects.

This serves as the culmination project for the skill set acquired by campers for front-end web development, using best practices and open source web technologies such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, responsive web design, and mobile-first approach to web development.

Core Requirements & Specifications

The minimum core requirements and specifications of this capstone project should be met by the campers to be able to move on the next phase of the coding boot camp.

  • Project documentation
  • Sketch, wireframe, and/or mock-up designs of core pages
  • Mobile-first and responsive web design
  • At least five hyperlinked web pages
  • Modification to the project should be tracked by Git (version control system)
  • Deployed and hosted by GitHub

Capstone Projects

This is the list of the first capstone projects created by the campers of Batch 9 Day Class:


HAYAO, Created by Angelo Vonn Villanueva

Know more about the world-renowned director-animator Hayao Miyazaki.

–  Angelo Vonn

Clear Out

Clear Out, Created by Mark Lorenze Dumalaon

Clear Out is the community for ballers. Want to hoop but no one to hoop with? Post it here and invite players near you, or join current posted games. There are also organized basketball leagues that your team can join.

–  Mark Lorenze


Felicity, Created by Judy Anne B. Pontiveros

Have you been lost before? Or are you currently stuck in a relationship full of sorrows? Wanna know your worth? Take time to visit Felicity for tips on how to love yourself. It’s not too late, find yourself and make it whole again. 🙂

–  Judy Anne


Maquillage, Created by Jenica Padama

An online beauty products shop that is perfect for everyone.

–  Jenica


ALPHA GYM, Created by Bryan Kit Batac

Tired of getting bullied for being FAT and UGLY? Want to get strong and fit to get your sweet revenge? In ALPHA GYM we have an Intense Environment and Trainers that will help you to achieve your Ultimate goal to be an ALPHA. Be part of the Alpha Gym community and we will teach you our ways on how to be a Beast in Lifting and beat the hell out of those bullies and make them your beta. GET SWOLE. BE ALPHA.

– Bryan

iVolunteer for Filipino Children (iVFC)

iVolunteer for Filipino Children (iVFC), Created by Arjel Villadores

A non-profit organization that helps less-priviledged Filipino children become well-rounded citizens of the next generation. They organize feeding program and medical missions to nourish children, and they also provide free tutorials to help children get good grades in their school.

–  Arjel

Ludwig Jeans

Ludwig Jeans, Created by Ludwig Van Eugenio

Classy jeans for your daily outfit.

–  Ludwig

Livrotheca Manila

Livrotheca Manila, Created by Joy Marzonia

A new modern library in the heart of Manila.

–  Joy

Out of This World Journey

Out of This World Journey, Created by Marc Vincent Reyes

On the deep dark space, size matters! Try to explore and see the beauty in Out Of This World Journey

– Marc Vincent

Little One’s Sanctuary

Little One’s Sanctuary, Created by Nicole Yucor

Six to eight million animals enter shelters every year. While three to four million of these animals are adopted, approximately 2.7 million healthy, adoptable companions are euthanized. Having limited funds and staff, local animal shelters are in constant need of help and support from the community. Little One’s Sanctuary is one of the residences that assists them in finding good homes, while providing them with a friendly place to play and run around. Read the article for more facts on our sanctuary and see how you can help make a difference in the lives of these animals.

– Nicole

Kamotes by Glen

Kamotes by Glen, Created by Glen Barcial

Kamotes by Glen is a farm to table concept fine dining restaurant located in Quezon city.

–  Glen

Kalon Flair

Kalon Flair, Created by Nicole Joy Esposo

Kalon Flair is a website owned by a company offering interior designing.

–  Nicole Joy

Guide Nest

Guide Nest, Created by Roy Cunanan

Guides and walkthrough for the Mobile Game – Dragon Nest exclusive for Assassin Class

–  Roy

G4 Carwash and Auto Detailing

G4 Carwash and Auto Detailing, Created by Marc P. Catapia

Inspired from my brother-in-law’s actual carwash business. In hopes to increase the customers of the business thus I created this website. Hoping to attract vehicle owners near the business site and experience a different car wash experience. Am planning to finish the full functionality of this page and to make it go-live is my ultimate goal in making this website.

–  Marc

OPM Music Central

OPM Music Central, Created by Aldrin Manahan

Unfamiliar with the local music scene? OPM Music Central is here to give you an overview with some of the bands and artist from the local music scene.

–  Aldrin


Oasis, Created by Charlene Gozar

Want to be a SUPERMODEL? Be Confident. Be Fabulous. Give them Smize and do your Booty Tooch. Send your applications now to book with our famous clients and represent their brand.

–  Charlene


JUfari, Created by Juane Marco Gonzales

Experience and discover the world of animals in this interactive online zoo

–  Juane Marco

SVE Agency

SVE Agency, Created by Shiereubim Estrada

Still jobless? Finding it hard to look for your dream job? Try to visit the website as we offer all the possible jobs in the different industry.

–  Shiereubim

Flip Flash

Flip Flash, Created by Justin Trajano

Bored memorizing all those Japanese hiragana, katakana, and kanji? Flip flash is a fun digital flash card for memorizing and reviewing the basic Japanese alphabet.

–  Justin

Sweet Delights

Sweet Delights, Created by Jeffrey Ang

Craving for your momma’s baking, yet want to try out that new trendy flavor? Sweet Delights is an online cupcake store specializing in good old homestyle recipes with a modern twist.

–  Jeffrey

Essentials Spa

Essentials Spa, Created by Paolo Velasco

Too much stress at work? Too much soreness in your body? Need something new to do with your furry friend? Make sure to visit us at Essentials Spa and experience a relaxing and rejuvenating experience that you will not soon forget.

–  Paolo

Over The Waves

Over The Waves, Created by Jeru Baldia

Community based blog sharing about living and enjoying the sea and ocean.

–  Jeru

Hewlett and Stibel

Hewlett and Stibel, Created by Rommel Torquator

A simple Law Firm website that displays the employees and the services it offers. It only has a simple layout to make an impression that we provide accurate service on the fly. It has 4 pages, the last one is the contact page. The main color is #800000 which is maroon. It only used 4 colors to maintain simplicity.

–  Rommel


CuddleMe, Created by Vincent Cuatico

These cute and lovable dogs are waiting to be picked up and CUDDLED. Put your arms around them and hold them like there’s no tomorrow. Dog lover or not, everyone will be captivated with these adorable dogs. If you’d like to adopt one of these lovely dogs to be your best friend, sign-up now!

–  Vincent

The Distillery

The Distillery, Created by Ron Ramos

The Distillery is an online shop that offers a wide selection of liquors which you can purchase anytime. It was created because the founders noticed the lack of quality liquors around manila.

– Ron



The first capstone project is the perfect way for campers to get their “feet wet” in the web development process. After three weeks of intensive training, they were tasked to create their own responsive websites. This batch accomplished the task with flying colors and surpassed all of my expectations. Moving forward, I expect this batch to continue to go beyond what is required from them and set higher standards for future campers.